In a dynamic and highly competitive world, knowledge is intrinsically linked to learning and innovation. In this context the TECRINO project assumes that innovation and creativity can be taught. Based on this assumption the overall project aims to develop the appropriate courseware to improve the awareness of teachers and students in the field of engineering about the mental process and educational techniques required by the concept of education for creativity.

The outcomes of this project will help the training professionals to improve the transparency, visibility and the development of their students' competences linked to innovation, acquired through informal learning. In this respect the project aims to create a methodology for the design, development and validation through a transnational group of pedagogic itineraries and didactic resources to qualify in valorisation, development and mobilisation of competences linked to INNOVATION (creativeness, social and emotional knowledge, work team, leadership, etc.) learned informally. This will lead the training professionals to become the first agents in valorisation, development and mobilisation of the competences linked to INNOVATION in their students (Conclusions of the Council and of the Representatives of the Governments of the Member States, meeting within the Council of 22 May 2008 on promoting creativity and innovation through education and training (2008/C 141/10).

TECRINO determines that Competences for Innovation and Constructivism are key concepts in the objectives and in the pedagogic model to implement. Based on the transnational consortium which is formed for the purpose research will be carried out for the identification of the needs of the target audience, the definition of the learning objectives and course content and sequence.