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An Experts ROUND TABLE was developed by FONDO FORMACIÓN EUSKADI last October with training experts in Basque Country.
The aim of this workshop was to diffuse and analyse TECRINNO moodle platform.
TECRINO’s main objective is to develop educational resources designed to foster creativity of both students and teachers involved in VET and make this content compatible with the MOODLE open source learning management system.
10 learning projects managers, training managers and teac ... (read more

ZAGREB, 6 November 2015 – Today the final project conference of TECRINO – Teaching creativity in engineering took place in Rector’s Office building of the University of Zagreb, the project that was implemented within the scope of the EU program Leonardo da Vinci, dedicated to lifelong education. The conference was organized by the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments (HAMAG-BICRO) and the Faculty of Textile Technology of the University of Zagreb.

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As we approach the final stages of the TECRINO project we have to show the world the product we’ve developed during these two years of work. As we explained before, TECRINO project aims to research and analiyze the best methodologies to teach how to think creatively.

During these two years of work, Inercia Digital has developed the website and the e-learning platform, contributed to the research about creativity at a national level, converted the courseware for online viewing and ... (read more

¡Estamos listos! We're ready!

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If you want to be updated on educational resources designed to foster creativity and innovation…

…if you want to apply new learning tools and methods in order to keep track of new ways to learn and teach…

…Don’t lose this opportunity!

The Tecrino project team will provide you with all the necessary information and tools, free of charge, for the implementation of innovation and creativity in VET systems.

Participate i ... (read more

Reinventing and digitizing creativity

Tecrino is a lifelong learning program (LLP) project of The European Commission´s (538710-LLP-1-2013-1-CY-LEONARDO-LMP) whose main objective is to implement creativity and innovation in educational system through e-learning tools, but can you teach creativity? Well, this is Tecrino´s motto “innovation and creativity can be taught”.

To demonstrate this mottos I have chosen some papers in Tecrino´s website which demonstrate how ... (read more

Some years ago, the European Community decided that not only money and work but also knowledge were the key for success. This thought developed to what nowadays we know as Tecrino Project. Within the Tecrino Project we find one of the most ambitious and competitive project directly connected within the Business Enterprise environment.

This idea came from the necessity and desire of Europe becoming the center of the worldwide Economic System. This wish was linked to the requirement o ... (read more

What is TECRINO ? In competitive times such as those we’re living now, knowledge is inherently linked to creativity and innovation. In TECRINO we understand that these two qualities aren’t something innate or that should only come as a random act of inspiration; it can be studied, understood and of course, taught.

The project will be developed by RTD Talos, the University of Zagreb, the “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati, Syntea SA, Epralima Vocational Training School, Fo ... (read more

Since the last two decades we are witnessing an important and radical change in the educational system and this is especially due to the use of technology into it. We all know how important and useful technology is in this area and how it helps and improves the whole educational system, for example, the quality of teaching, availability of documents and sources as well as the active participation of students and teachers. But if this process is changing the teaching way, it is not changing t ... (read more

Final Conference

On the 14th of January, 2015, at 14:30, a seminar on European Projects was held at the auditorium of the Municipal Information and Tourism Centre in Arcos de Valdevez, in which several representatives of the northern region’s educational and training institutions, associations and schools were present.

Representing Epralima were: Rui Vieito (Epralima’s General Director), Sandra Veloso (Coordinator of Epralima’s Technical Cent ... (read more