On the 14th of January, 2015, at 14:30, a seminar on European Projects was held at the auditorium of the Municipal Information and Tourism Centre in Arcos de Valdevez, in which several representatives of the northern region’s educational and training institutions, associations and schools were present.

Representing Epralima were: Rui Vieito (Epralima’s General Director), Sandra Veloso (Coordinator of Epralima’s Technical Centre),  Céu Branco and Celia Nunes (project team). After the opening speech by the school’s Director, Sandra Veloso addressed the audience on the importance of projects and Epralima’s International Development Plan, highlighting TECRINO_Teaching Creativity in Engineering, as an example.

TECRINO stands out as an innovative project aimed towards the creation of pedagogical contents that will enhance creativity, through a training package directed at teachers and students whose locus will focus on understanding the mental processes that induce creativity. By the end of the project it is expected that a set of classroom and on-line courses will be made available to both teachers and students, allowing them to explore their skills and provide new ways of thinking concerning the topic of problem-solving. Therefore, the TECRINO project aims at creating a methodology for conception, development and validation through a transnational group of pedagogic itineraries and didactic resources in favour of the value, development and mobilization of skills related to innovation (creativity, social and emotional knowledge, teamwork, leadership, etc.).

The project was approved by the Executive Agency for Education and Culture, with a duration of two years, and undertakes a combined synergy of actions between various EU partners, such as: RTD Talos (Cyprus), University of Zagreb (Croatia) "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati (Romania), Syntea SA (Poland), Inertia Digital S.L. (Spain), Fondo Formación Euskadi (Spain), Croatian Business Innovation Agency - BICRO (Croatia) and Epralima_Vocational Training School.

Since the site has been created and is functional - http://tecrino-project.eu/ - the partnership is going to test the produced teaching materials through an online training platform, so that teachers and students can benefit from the training and through it, acquire expected competencies and become potential vehicles for creativity.