An Experts ROUND TABLE was developed by FONDO FORMACIÓN EUSKADI last October with training experts in Basque Country.
The aim of this workshop was to diffuse and analyse TECRINNO moodle platform.
TECRINO’s main objective is to develop educational resources designed to foster creativity of both students and teachers involved in VET and make this content compatible with the MOODLE open source learning management system.
10 learning projects managers, training managers and teachers took part in this event. Some ideas and conclusions of the WORKSHOP:

  • Creativity is a multidimensional and dynamic process, involving conscious mental activity, affectivity, motivation, and social interaction. Open Mind isn’t enough
  • Creativity's skills should be developed for the XXI Century.
  • Talent, not capital, will be the key factor linking innovation, competitiveness and growth.
  • Most of our high schools and colleges are not preparing students to become innovators.
  • Learning is a passive experience and all courses are taught in the same way, as a set of defined knowledge must be learnt.
  • We need change our mind: Failed often to succeed sooner.
  • More evaluation of creativity process and competence are needed.
  • Creativity e_learning courses" are needed: students, teachers (also training centres, companies)
  • There aren't open online courses to learn creativity.
  • Most of the creativity courses are "face to face”; Open Educational Resources are needed.


  • open and free course
  • toolbox, exercises, usefulness
  • on line moodle
  • student and teachers versions


  • good explanation.
  • good theoretical approach
  • Lots of exercises and tools
  • different versions