P1: RTD Talos

The mission of TALOS Development Organisation is to offer high quality services with commitment and consistency, in order to enhance and reinforce the competitiveness of Cypriot enterprises, through the promotion of innovation, technology transfer, utilisation of research outcomes, development of links with research institutions, exploitation of opportunities for financing and assistance for utilisation of development programs in order to become one of the main organisations in Cyprus specialised in supportive services.

Contact: at@talos-rtd.com
Website: http://www.talos-rtd.com/
Responsible for WP 1

P2: University of Zagreb

The University of Zagreb (UniZg) is the oldest Croatian university and also the oldest university in South East Europe was officially founded 23 September 1669 by Emperor and King Leopold I Habsburg. According to decree granting the status and privileges of a university the study of philosophy in Zagreb acquired a formal and legal status as Neoacademia Zagrabiensis and officially became a public institution of higher education.

Contact: ghudec@ttf.hr
Website: http://www.unizg.hr/
Responsible for WP 3

P3: The "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati

UDJG is a higher education institution, the most important in the South-East area of Romania. UDJG offers study programs from bachelor to PhD in engineering, and social sciences, through seventeen faculties that provide a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs for over 17,000 enrolled students. Providing Continued education is also a major mission of the University.

Contact: ioan.susnea@ugal.ro
Website: http://www.ugal.ro/
Responsible for WP 5

P4: Syntea SA

SYNTEA S.A. provides comprehensive educational and consulting support in the field of information technologies and related (business, vocational, language) competences for individuals as well as for companies, public institutions and education sector.

Contact: magda.mankowska@syntea.pl
Website: http://syntea.pl/
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P5: Epralima Vocational Training School

Epralima Vocational Training School is a Private and Cooperative School, which focuses on vocational education, while offering Youth Education Training Courses, Adult Education Training Courses, and Specialized Technology Level V Courses (Post-secondary Training, not University Courses).

Contact: sandraveloso@epralima.pt
Website: http://www.epralima.com/
Responsible for WP 7

P6: Inercia Digital S.L.

Inercia Digital is a young Andalusian social company (Spain) with outlets europeanwide. Its main target is to contribute with innovative solutions to both e-business and web entrepreneurship skills for organizations, SMEs and entrepreneurs (e-learning on e-business). The Andalusian Employment Service of the Regional Government of Andalusia has awarded Inercia Digital the recognition of Collaborative Entity in Training for Employment in the discipline of e-learning. Our training areas are highly specialised and designed to teach organizations and entrepreneurs how to be efficient on the Internet. Our courses are specialised in the following training areas: web entrepreneurship, e-business and e-learning with updated tools in order to achieve a better education and professional training.

Contact: contacta@inerciadigital.com
Website: http://www.inerciadigital.com/
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P7: Fondo Formación Euskadi

FONDO FORMACIÓN EUSKADI S.L.L. (ES) is a human capital organization whose mission is the development of people and improvement of organizations.

Contact: zaloa.mitxelena@ffeuskadi.net
Website: http://www.ffeuskadi.net/
Responsible for WP 2


The Business Innovation Croatian Agency - HAMAG-BICRO, established recently after a merger between the former Croatian Institute of Technology (HIT) and the Business Innovation Centre (BICRO), is the key governmental organisation in charge of catalysing the innovation process. HAMAG-BICRO both develops and coordinates national policy measures related to innovation on one hand, and the necessary financial instruments on the other, with the ultimate aim of motivating the private and public sector to raise the levels of investment in R&D.

Contact: ebonita.curkovic@hamagbicro.hr
Website: http://www.bicro.hr/
Responsible for WP 8